Thursday, December 08, 2005

Peace of God...

Have you known God's peace?

I'll let you know, my life is not easy. There have been people who see me as naive about life, about being an adult just because I am a mere 19 year old.

I have school, I have work, I have my ministry as a worship at leader church. I struggle with many things such as the areas of resposibility, and (recently) relationships. These are new things in my life. My life can be a mess at times. I don't manage my money well, I'd rather be out with friends than do homework. My parents want me to do things at home. I don't want to go to school. Emotions pain me at times.

But in all that, I have learned to trust in God, to let Him take care of all my problems. Sometimes I forget that He's there, but He's always ready to recieve me back. I'm at peace right now.

How many of you can say that? You may not believe half the things I am saying. You may not believe that there is a God that loves you. You can argue about that all you want, but you can not refute the fact that I have peace. And so I ask you again:

Have you known God's PEACE?