Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It was HIM that whole time? (Psalms 66)

A good friend of mine told me to read this passage. It opened up my eyes a little bit to something new. What really caught my eyes was verses 8-12. David begins it by giving thanks and blessings to God. Why? Because God had afflicted Him, had tested Him, had put Him through FIRE and water. Wait a minute! God is the one who puts affliction on us? I thought God loved us.

Well, He does. Part of His loving us is shaping us and molding us to be and to do what He has created us to do. He makes us go through trials and tribulations because He knows it is good for us. Yes, I understand that at times Satan does attack us and wants us to stumble, but who lets him do that?
We tend to complain. I’m a complainer. There have been certain afflictions I have asked God to take away, and for some reason or other, He hasn’t. I’ll find out later I suppose. But look at Jesus. He suffered immense pain on the cross for us. Remember what He said in the garden of Gethsemene? He wanted this "cup to pass before [Him.]" He knew that He was going to suffer. If God had spared Jesus from all that pain, we would be lost.

God has a plan and purpose and all this. You may be going through trials (I do EVERYDAY) but God wants to bless you in those things. Take time to thank Him. Look at a Job for a moment. After all those things he went through, don’t you think that perhaps his walk with the Lord was stronger than it already was? Our attitute with life usually reflects our walk with the Lord. Take 5 minutes today to spend time with the Lord.
He really does care.


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Is it possible to please post this on my blog and link it to mine? I would really appreciate it. It rings similarly to a recent post of mine and you took a wonderful new spin on it that bring immense joy to my heart! So, let me know! GOD is the most incredible!

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