Sunday, January 15, 2006

Paul's Testimony (Acts 22:1-21)

Paul’s testimony is awesome. I’m not talking about how he met Jesus, although it would be awesome to be knocked over by Jesus and then have Him talking to you. No, I’m talking about the change and how awesome it was. Paul was one of the most religious men in the synagogue of his day. He knew the law forwards and backwards. He also hated Christians the most; he went around everywhere with special permission from the Jewish leaders that authorized him to kill Christians as he wished.
But God had different plans for him. In just one moment, a change took place. Paul realized that what he was doing was wrong, but that wrong wasn’t against Christians, but that the wrong was against God himself. And God had a special plan for him. He was appointed to "know His will, to see the righteous one, and to hear the sound of his voice." He was also to be a "witness for Him to all people what [he] had seen and heard." Paul was so excited that he wanted dot march out to the Jewish leaders and tell them what he had heard! But God was like "Hey wait a minute, not yet! They’ll kill you if you go out there, and you’re not supposed to die yet!" Paul obediently obeyed.
Look at what God appointed Paul to do. Is that not also our calling? We are called to Live for Jesus, to walk close to Him, to know his voice, to know His will. And He gave us a great commission: to tell everyone about the good news of Jesus! That’s what God wants us to do. Sure maybe, that doesn’t tell us what we’re going to be when we grow up, or who we are going to marry, but if we walk close God and know His voice, then we’ll know exactly what He wants! We’ll be able to hear him better. Isn’t that cool? God wants to talk to us, and He wants to tell us His will! God is our friend, He knows whats best for us, and He wants us to do it. It’s our responsibility to walk with Him and talk with Him. Who wouldn’t talk to their best friend?
‘Cause that’s what Jesus is.


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Excellent Post!!
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